Cosmos Natural

Since September 1, 2019, Cosmos, is the New International Standard for Bio and Natural Cosmetics and came into force as a result of a long study and sharing process that allowed the main certification bodies to compare with each other: the Italian ICEA, the French ECOCERT and COSMEBIO, the German BIDH, the English SOIL ASSOCIATION.

Cosmos, as a matter of fact, establishes the features of natural and organic Cosmetics in the EU.

COSMOS Natural

Cosmos Organic e Cosmos Natural certify cosmetic products and raw materials for cosmetics. It guarantees compliance with the main international standard for cosmetic products, the COSMOS standard, born from the collaboration between the main certification bodies and international organizations in the sector.

The biological calculation excludes water and minerals. Within the standard, limitations are placed on methodologies, processes of chemical synthesis and on the transformation of natural products (of vegetable, animal or microbial origin) used. The extraction processes used must be included in a specific list attached to the specification.

The use of raw materials obtained from animals or plants appearing on European and International lists of protected species is prohibited.

Milk, honey, wax and other ingredients of animal origin produced by the same animals and not derived from their killing or suffering may be used.

Unlike food products, in the cosmetic sector there is no regulation that establishes what is a biological and/or natural cosmetic.

Natural cosmetics

Certification becomes, therefore, a voluntary choice pursued by the most evolved and virtuous companies that feel the need to provide customers with greater guarantees, subjecting themselves to the controls of an independent and professional organization that guarantees their correct operation and the ecological qualities of the products.


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Provides customers with greater reliability,
Control of individual ingredients,
Production chain tracking,
Mandatory tests.

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Recommended from Birth!

C- Evaluated under pediatric control: Greater safety and reliability for Mothers!