Our quality

The entire Linea MammaBaby’s formulation, production and monitoring system is carried out in accordance with high quality standards, complying with qualification and environmental criteria as prescribed by international regulations.

In order to make Linea MammaBaby’s products only the finest raw materials are selected and rigorously lab tested. Olcelli Farmaceutici complies with the strictest good manufacturing practices, to assure the highest quality, effectiveness and safety standards.

ISO 9001 Certification

ISO 9001 certification is by all means non-mandatory, but it represents a willing and responsible choice the Company made to show its awareness in identifying every production processes that have an impact on both the organisation and the processes regularly outilining continuous improvement aims, as much as a management plan to pursue those aims.


In a responsible informed consumption perspective, it’s really important to follow the indications on the labelling. Linea MammaBaby has always chosen the path of a totally transparent wealth of information.


All of our Linea MammaBaby products are made according to the cosmetics Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines.

Blauer Engel (Blue Angel) Certified printing

To make all of our Linea MammaBaby paper goods (packaging, calendars, organizers, brochures, flyers) only certified paper from responsibly managed sources is used./p>