And just like that, after the summer holidays and the long sunny days, the time to go back to school is here. Some kids will be looking forward to seeing their mates again while others will feel the thrill of being in class for the first time. For parents, supervising the health and beauty of their little ones can be complicated at this time of the year.

Unfortunately, the continuous contact between children when they go back to school creates the perfect conditions for the proliferation of head lice. Head lice are transmitted directly by contact from one child to another (by touching hair) but indirect transmission is also possible by sharing objects such as combs, brushes or garments.

Itching and constant scratching are often the first signs of head lice. The presence of any skin or scalp irritations caused by continuous rubbing may suggest their presence. To check for head lice and nits, inspect the child’s scalp carefully, especially behind the ears, near the nape of the neck and along the hairline.

There is no need to feel guilty if your child has head lice. The infestation has nothing to do with your family’s daily hygiene. The presence of head lice is not linked to cleanliness and not everyone is aware that head lice are very capable of resisting shampoo and water. Pediculosis (lice infestation) does not necessarily mean the child needs to miss school.

Following the age-old adage that “prevention is better than cure”, early protection is essential to avoid the onset of this problem. Poldino, the Linea MammaBaby® head lice prevention lotion is ideal for daily prevention because it contains essential oils that create an unfavourable environment for head lice to settle. Its 100% natural formula contains essential oils of lavender, mint, eucalyptus and argan oil. Panthenol also has emollient and soothing properties for the scalp.

If head lice are unfortunately already present in the child’s hair, a treatment such as Pierina, the pediculosis treatment foam and a fine-tooth comb may be needed. The formula with essential oils of lavender and melaleuca is specially designed to act on lice and nits and suffocate them. The foam formulation makes the product gentle, very well tolerated and easy to apply. The fine-toothed steel comb in the kit helps eliminate parasites and their eggs.

Paolino, the pediculosis follow-up treatment shampoo, is ideal for completing the treatment and preventing the problem from coming back. The shampoo has a soothing effect on the scalp to relieve itching. Wheat germ proteins work directly on the structure of the hair, improving its structure and making it easy to comb.

Head lice are small, wingless insects that live exclusively on the hair and feed on blood. They are visible to the naked eye and are about the size of a sesame seed (2 to 4 mm). They move on three pairs of legs provided with special hooks that they use to attach themselves firmly to the hair. The life span of head lice is about 50 days. Female head lice lay 5 to 10 eggs (nits) a day (the female lives 2 to 3 months). The egg hatches in a week and the nymph becomes an adult after about two weeks. Adult head lice live about 27 to 32 days on a person’s head and reproduce rapidly, which is why action must be taken quickly. Nits are the eggs of lice. They are easily visible to the naked eye, transparent whitish and difficult to remove when alive. Unlike dandruff, nits cannot be removed by brushing or washing. Head lice cannot fly or jump. They can survive off the scalp for up to 4-36 hours.